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Attic Restoration

We’ve removed the animals from your attic, but are we finished yet? NO

When raccoons, birds, bats, squirrels, etc. gain entry to your attic they can create many problems. They walk on top of the insulation, compressing it down and decreasing your R-Value which will increase your heating and cooling cost. They also defecate and urinate in your attic space and put you at risk for contracting animal-borne disease.

We are a full-service insulation company. We will remove your old insulation and install new. We can remove any type of insulation and all animal droppings. The process is done one of two ways depending on the type of insulation in your home. If your attic space has blown-in/loose-fill type insulation it will be sucked out through large hoses and transferred into collection bags for removal. If your attic space has fiberglass bat or other rolled type insulation it must be removed by hand. Insulation will be secured in heavy duty vinyl bags before being removed. Our professionals are skilled in careful removal to prevent any hazardous materials from entering the living spaces.

After the attic insulation is removed we will deodorize and disinfect the attic. This will eliminate smell, the harmful microorganisms, and bacteria that cause disease. The final step is installing new insulation of your choice. We offer insulation options for every budget.

Did you know attic restoration may be covered by our homeowner’s insurance? Some animal damage is covered by insurance companies. Our technician can provide details regarding damage and assist if necessary when filing a claim with your insurance company.